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Asteta is a premier applications developer, focusing on development and support of high quality applications for top-tier customers. We capitalize on our deep experience in current and legacy platforms and leverage our commitment to Agile software development process to deliver predictable value to our clients. We strive to develop and maintain long term relationships that unlock the intellectual capital, accumulated by our teams during the term of engagement, and become the mobile development muscle for our customers.

We believe that software development only does not solve the business problems of our customers – creating a great application is only part of what is required by most new projects. To assist customers looking for a complete solution we provide them with a complete suite of services, including UI/UX design, product management, marketing and e-commerce assistance and helpdesk and support services. And what’s more – we will stay with you for as long as you need us, becoming the extension of your company as far as mobile application development is concerned.

Whether you are a startup, striving to stun the world with a perfect execution of your mobile application idea, or an established company, looking to support and extend an existing application, you will need an experienced partner to help you through the application lifecycle.

Full Cycle App Development

Creating the first version of the application is obviously just a first small step in the application lifecycle. Business needs change and evolve and who better to assist you in evolving the application with them, than the people that developed the application in the first place?

Commitment to Service

Software development is a complex and difficult undertaking. Not only it requires high level of creativity on the part of the development team, but at the same time it needs to be executed in a very rigid framework to ensure predictability and quality. Through years of experience we have developed processes to help our teams be not only creative, but also orderly.

Focus on Process and Quality

Cost Effective





Your trusted developer


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